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Diamonds 101 by Art Arbutine   

Are diamonds a good investment? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because you will be buying something that will last a lifetime, and in the case of a diamond ring, you can enjoy wearing it every day of your life. People in sales get a confident feeling wearing a nice large but not overly ostentatious diamond ring. Their customers will notice it and get an instant impression that the wearer is a successful person.

If a wife wears the smallest diamond ring at her bridge club, and gripes about it all the time, then the very best investment a husband could make would be to buy her a nice, big diamond ring for the next birthday or anniversary. It’s a fact women love diamonds. A gift of a diamond is going to make any woman very, very happy.

No, diamonds are not a good investment if you plan to buy an “investment grade” diamond, and lock it away in a dark safe deposit box. First of all, you are investing in a commodity that is controlled by a benevolent dictator (monopoly) in a foreign land. I’m talking of course about Debeers company that controls the price and distribution of over 80% of the world’s diamonds. There is no free market price at the source of diamonds. Debeers sets the price and controls the quantity of diamonds available. No one knows how many diamonds are stored in Debeers’ vaults.

People who buy investment diamonds from a broker, friend or relative usually pay such a high price over true wholesale, that it might to take forever to see any real appreciation; this is especially true for those laymen who believe they really know the four C’s and a lot about the diamond market. Wheeling and dealing in diamonds should only be attempted by experienced, professional diamond dealers. Diamonds pay no dividends or interest. My opinion is that diamonds are for wearing, not investing.

The diamond market, on the surface, seems very complicated.  In reality it is very simple.  The highest priced diamonds are those that are extremely white.  They stand out and look the best.  Few diamonds mined are white.  Most are some subtle shades of light yellow or brown.  They are designated with letter grades, with D color being perfectly white.  One or two color grades to a lower color can mean a difference of price in thousands on diamonds one carat or higher.

Diamonds are generally categorized as:

Diamond Color Scale

Flawless diamonds are very rare.  Most have some inclusions (imperfections) within the diamond.   Diamonds are graded as seen under 10 power magnification.  Inclusions in diamonds are categorized as follows:

Diamonds Grading Scale

Diamond Flaw Scale

It takes a trained diamond expert to tell the difference between F and VVS2, and even then some disagree. Repeat, all the above grades are assigned examining diamonds under 10 power magnification.  It is a fact that imperfections, VVS1 to SI2 (Slightly Imperfect 2), cannot be seen with the naked eye.  An SI2 diamond barely affects the overall beauty of a diamond when compared to a like, flawless diamond.  My theory is, if you can’t see the difference, why pay the difference?

Diamond dealers and diamond sales persons might tell you about rarity, investment, etc.   I say buy the biggest, whitest diamond you can afford in the Slightly Imperfect category. Here is an example:  At the current diamond market (Oct 2010), you could buy a G color VVS1, TWO carat diamond for a little under over $25,000.  Or you can buy a G color SI2, THREE carat diamond for a little under $25,000.  The only difference between the two is that the three carat diamond is much bigger.

You will not impress anyone because your newly purchased VVS diamond is nearly flawless, as no one can see the difference between that and one that is slightly imperfect.  However, a three carat diamonds is much more impressive than a two carat one.  There is a huge visible difference.

Better cut diamonds will have more sparkle and dazzle.  Cut is so complicated that I’m not going to get into that.  This is just meant to be a quick diamond lesson.  There are different opinions on which diamond you should buy.  This is ours.  Personally, we’d rather sell you the bigger diamond all other things equal.

We buy and sell diamonds here at Belleair Coins in Largo Florida.  Here you will get common sense and reasonable prices.   We have had a huge jewelry department since 1973.

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