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 Our Staff:
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Greg CEO of the Silver Queen and Owner

Chris Executive Vice President, Head Buyer and Owner

Jay CEO of Belleair Coins and Owner

Trader Art - Founder of Belleair Coins & Owner

Pat the Founder of The Silver Queen & Owner

Debbie Arbutine Accounting/Bookkeeping Supervisor, Buyer & Owner

Beth the Warehouse Manager, Sales Associate, Payroll Supervisor & Ebay Specialist

Kathy - Jewelry Manager, Buyer, Merchandiser & Custom Jewelry Designer

Andy Buyer & Accounts Payable in Belleair Coins & Ebay Manager at BCI

Debi Sales Manager & Buyer, Merchandiser, Order Procurements, Ebay & Head of Bridal Registry

Holly - Shipping Manager & Shipments Receiving Supervisor & Warehouse Assistant Manager

Don Shipping & Warehouse Associate and Executive Assistant to Jay

Shirley - Office Manager, Sales Associate & SQI Accounts Payable and Buy Offers Supervisor

Peggy Sales Associate and Merchandising

Shelly Roberts - Sales Associate & Buyer & Merchandising Supervisor & Ebay Specialist

Bertee Robertson Sales Assoc. & Buyer & Manufacturers Prices & Products Updater & Ebay Specialist

Jan in Jewelry

Nancy in Jewelry

Ali Gatz in Jewelry

Sandy the Jewlery Appraiser

Timothy - Police Hold forms and inventory administrator, SQI Photography and Picture Uploader

Michael Kartt Buyer at Belleair Coins

Wayne Buyer in Belleair Coins

Ronnie Polisher

Carlos in Jewerly repairs

Mauro in Jewelry Repair