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In 1972 Master Sergeant Art Arbutine retired from the Air Force. He had collected British Crowns for 20 years while in the service and decided that he wanted to pursue the coin business full time. He opened a small  700 square foot store in Belleair Bluffs, Florida and turned his once hobby into a full time profession. In the first years he enlisted his wife Patricia Arbutine along with his three sons Greg, Chris and Jay into the business. He later hired his brother Gil Arbutine and nieces Beth Arbutine Race and Kathy Arbutine Edwards.

The little coin shop started to diversify over the years and branched off into jewelry, silverware, collectibles, watches and other areas of fine art.  Art's wife Patricia Arbutine  became especially interested in the estate sterling flatware and holloware and recognized  that these items were worth far more than just the scrap out prices that the family had  been previously selling them for.   She decided to do a spin off company  and thus The Silver Queen Inc. was born. 

After graduating from The  University of South Florida in 1987, the oldest son Greg Arbutine also caught the passion for silver and by 1990 was made the CEO and president  of The Silver Queen Inc. and is still the current principal to this date.   The Silver Queen does between 3-5 millioin per year in annual sales and now also sells china, crystal, stainless flatware, silver plated silverware, collectibles, fine art, fine baby and bridal gifts.  

The other two sons Chris and Jay Arbutine assumed the helm of the jewelry and  coin buying operations and have successfully  developed and grown a huge coin and bullion purchasing operation.   They  also oversee the multi-million dollar per year retail fine jewelry department which is managed by cousin Kathy Arbutine Edwards.

Today Belleair Coins, Gold and Diamonds and The Silver Queen Inc. have combined gross annual sales of between  30-50 million dollars per year, are housed in a 14,500 square foot building,  and still gainfully employs most of the Arbutine family and many closely trusted long term staff members.   Please come visit us today and learn more about our family owned business that has been trusted since 1972.


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